Finde deinen Sprachpartner.




Native language

Azerbaijani (azərbaycan dili)

Russian (русский язык)

Turkish (Türkçe)

Desired language

French (français, langue française)

German (Deutsch)

Italian (Italiano)

Present language level



Halli hallOo hallÖööchen! :)
I'm doing my master's here in Leipzig.
Mainly looking for someone who I can practice my German with.
Born and raised on the outskirts of Baku, I quickly picked up Russian & Turkish from my family and friends. With Azeri (Azerbaijani Turkish) being my native language, I also reached proficiency in English along the way so as to teach it.
*** I started learning German a good while ago. Yet, I am not completely satisfied with speech production (as well as pronunciation!) because I struggle with expressing myself as all the thoughts come to my mind first in English.
Anyways, now more on the further Wunschsprachen)) :
** Only recently did I start taking French classes, so it's still at the very beginning.
* 6 years ago I learned some Italian through a 3-month long self-study programme (A1-A2).
So, if you are interested in improving your English & learning some Russian or Turkish (both Az&Tr TR ;)) along the way, I'd love to hear back from you!
We can meet for a coffee or tea once a week.
Just drop a line wenn es dir passt :)